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First Look at LogDNA

Basically LogDNA is a paid centralized Logging server. It is marketed as a Log Manager for the Cloud supporting a variety of Operating Systems and Cloud providers.. Registration I registered for a free trial of 14 days. Service setup is

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Consuming SSL Webservice From Weblogic Server

When a client tries to consume a service protected by SSL, there is a need to add a third-party certificate to the trust-store of your server. Otherwise the SSL protected service will not be accessible. Downloading the Certificate: Open the

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Securing Tomcat

1.    Remove Extra Apps By default, Tomcat comes with following web applications, which may or not be required in a production environment. You can delete them to keep it clean and avoid any known security risk with Tomcat default application.

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What is a Cloud?

A common misconception is that Virtualisation of your Datacentre means you have deployed a cloud. However, the truth is that Virtualisation is only a part of a cloud. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), has defined that a cloud

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Overview: Dell DR4300e Backup Solution

Introduction Dell DR4300e is a rack mounted 2U solution which is cheaper than its siblings DR4300 & DR6300. It is aimed for people who are looking for a budget device that can still offer good value for money. Feature wise

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Basics of Linux – Network Troubleshooting

Checking for Physical Connections Although it is highly unlikely that in a Data Center environment to find that a network cable has been physically unplugged from a Server but sometimes this can really happen and all of your troubleshooting will

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Basics of Linux – Basic File Permissions

Permission Classes Each file and directory has three permission classes: owner – The Owner permissions apply only the owner of the file or directory, they will not impact the actions of other users. group – The Group permissions apply only